Jennyfur sends in the following press release…

MILPITAS, CA – (August 1, 2007)
– AVerMedia® Technologies, Inc., the leading provider of digital
multimedia and presentation technology, announced today the release of
the AVerTV Hybrid ExpressCard High Definition and Analog ExpressCard TV
Tuner for laptops. Utilizing the latest component technologies, the new
AVerTV Hybrid ExpressCard is the perfect TV Tuner solution for laptops
with an Express Card interface a hybrid world-wide Analog and ATSC
tuner. Certified for Windows XP, XP Media Center Edition 2005 and
Windows Vista Premium Certified 32/64 bit, this new TV Tuner will take
portable PC-TV viewing to the next level.

AVerMedia AVerTV Hybrid ExpressCard is a certified 54mm Express Card TV
Tuner combining Analog and ATSC capabilities onto one tuner. Users can
watch and record Analog and High Definition TV through their laptop’s
Express Card interface. The hardware compression allows for sharp,
clear video while reducing CPU resources. The AVerTV Hybrid ExpressCard
enables users to watch over-the –air, or coax Analog or over-the-air
High Definition TV on either their laptop. Able to support up to 1080i
HD signals with variable aspect ratios of 4:3 and 16:9, the AVerTV
Hybrid ExpressCard is a true HD-laptop device.

new AVerTV Hybrid ExpressCard provides an Analog and Digital TV Tuner
solution for laptops with an Express Card interface while transforming
it into a High Definition multimedia entertainment center,” says Felix
Kolotinsky, Product Manager for AVerMedia Technologies, Inc. “By
combining both Analog and HD capabilities onto once tuner, users can
easily watch, record, rewind and playback Analog and HDTV programs.”

this program is designed to give back to the community, seeing the
positive effect on the shelter’s children makes the experience just as
rewarding to AVerMedia participants.

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