PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750 Quad CrossFire Edition

People really underestimate the importance of a good power supply, both in terms of quality & noise. Having a perfect combination of both will make your life and your HTPC much happier. This one is quality enough, but looks like some bogus advertising as far as what is silent.


This leaves one last thing to consider with this unit, the “Silencer” portion. To be blunt it isn’t silent or even very quiet. While not the loudest single 80mm fan design we have had in to test, the claim of "up to 90% less noise per watt" is only saved by the fact that it does say "up to" and it certainly is quieter than the Turbo-Cool. So while technically fulfilling the requirements of the labeling users should be aware that if noise is a concern at higher load levels or in applications where noise is going to be readily apparent the name “Silencer” does not mean silent.