Zalman HD160XT HTPC Enclosure Review

PCPerspective has the very sexy yet expensive HD160XT up for review today. The 7" touchscreen is the reason behind the price increase. Beyond the initial sexiness of the 7" LCD, manufactures have struggled to find a use for this. However, Zalman appears to have solved this issue by bundling software that makes use of the larger then normal real estate. Check out the LCD page for more info!

PC Perspective

The Zalman HD160XP is a premium HTPC enclosure that not only met but exceeded my expectations. I assumed the HD160XT would basically be an HD160 HTPC enclosure with an LCD inserted in place of the VFD – I was wrong. The HD160XT incorporates many new features and improvements over the original HD160 and takes the elegant audiophile styling to a new, higher level. Throw in the highly functional suite of multimedia software and you have a powerful, full featured HTPC that is relatively easy to setup.