Media Center’s Identity Crisis: Vista Undermines the Entertainment Platform

You know, I'm kinda surprised to say this, but I completely disagree with this article. I think if anything, this is simply showing the maturity and growth of the Media Center platform as a whole. Originally, the thinking behind MCE's was that they had to look like other A/V Equipment and be connected directly. With so many Extender devices, it's clear that the future will be one with a massive server in a closet & extenders to all your tv's….or at least, that's what it should be 😉

CE Pro

A real Media Center PC is one that is stripped of junkware, preconfigured for entertainment applications, flush with TV tuners, quieter than the TV itself, bundled with a decent remote control, and backed by a tech support staff that understands audio, video and other media-centric disciplines. And, of course, it doesn't stand like an awkward tower alongside a stack of CE components.