Home Theater for Small Rooms

EH has a nice article up on how to fit a home theater into a smaller space. I am moving into a new house and my dedicated HT area will be smaller then I had hoped, so I will picking up tips from this article. It looks as though my dreams of a 100" screen and nice sized loudspeakers are down the drain :(. Maybe I need to submit my room to the editors of EH and see what they can do :).

Electronic House

You could always leave all that audio and video gear right out in the open. But maybe that's not such a good idea. "I don't think I've ever installed a system for someone who wanted to look at the equipment," says Kirk Attoian of Redondo Beach CA-based Interior Technologies, which installs home entertainment systems into a lot of space-challenged beach homes. "The biggest issue is; How do we hide these things?" he says.