Solid-state Samsung drive climbs to 64GB

Ok, so yeah it's a slow news day, but I read this & can't stop thinking about the possibilities within an HTPC. With these getting up to 64gb's now, it's feasible that you could use these as the main & only hard drive in your system, making the steps to a fully silent system that much closer.

The Tech Report

The Korean flash memory giant has expanded its SSD lineup to include a higher-capacity, speedier 1.8" model. The new 64GB drive is based on the 1.8" form factor used by iPods and other hand-held devices. Samsung says the new SSD has a read speed of 64MB/s and a write speed of 45MB/s, which is respectively 20% and 60% faster than the 32GB SSD model it introduced last year. For reference, the firm quotes a 15MB/s read speed and 7MB/s write speed for a standard 1.8" 80GB hard drive.