Syntax Olevia 542i LCD Display Review

The Olevia line of displays from Syntax used to be the budget beauties of the world… Short on price and short on alot of other things. Things have changed as Syntax is now delivering a much more full feature respectable display. At a price of nearly $2000, the 542i has a native resolution of 768p, a respectable selection of inputs, a 1600:1 contrast ratio and a OTA HDTV tuner. Audioholics tackle a host of items in their review starting at scaling and ending up at the remote.

From the article;

The Olevia 542i is a very impressive display. While the picture is
exceptional, what is more so is the foresight the designers used when
designing the speakers. Bottom mounted normally, they can be switched
to side mounted or (my preference) discarded for that clean look. There
is nothing like this display with a very thin frame around a very large
screen. Aside from the long turn-on time I would have very little
problems recommending this set to anyone that was on the market.