Sanyo CE-32LDY1 32in LCD TV & DVR

It's funny how things come back from the past. You remember TV/VCR combos and how horrible they were? Believe me, I worked at Best Buy's Tech Support back in the day, and we saw SOOO many of those break. But hey, maybe technology has improved the "combo" unit's stability problems. While I continue laughing, read one, it's still a slick looking screen.

For it’s one of a very select few LCD TVs in the UK that also sports a built-in hard disk drive for recording TV programmes.
This HDD PVR system is no half-baked effort, either, with the available
space running to an enormous 160GB – enough to hold around 37 hours of
premium quality recordings or a whopping 180 hours of lower quality
recordings. This should be enough to cope with a whole family’s
recording needs, or allow you to archive many of your favourite movies
or TV series to the HDD rather than videotape or DVD.

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