Panasonic PT-AX100U Projector Review

Ahh the 1080p support throws me off everytime. Here I thought the Panny AX100U was a 1080p native projector for less then $3 grand. Outside its non-native 1080pness, it boats a lot of juicy specs. What caught my eye first was the 2000 ANSI lumens daytime viewing love and a 6000:1 contract ration. It supports (but scales) all resolutions up to 1080p. Connection wise, it has a HDCP compatible HDMI port, and your standard component, VGA, Svid and composite inputs.

From the article:

This projector is still a hot ticket item. The picture quality is excellent "out of the box" and after a full ISF calibration the improvements were only minimal. Let me reiterate – Panasonic has just about gotten a decent calibration (Cinema1) out of the box on this model. I predict that this projector will sell at least as good as its predecessor – if not better. The default color settings from colorist David Bernstein (a Hollywood colorist who, as an example, redid the 50th Anniversary edition of Gone With the Wind as well as titles like Titanic and Moulin Rouge) are decent and will provide satisfying results (using the Cinema1 mode with controlled room lighting). The following screen captures and viewing sessions were performed before calibration of the projector.