Optoma HD70 DLP Projector Review

Huzzah, 720P for the masses, Weighing in at a measily $999 dollars,
the Optoma HD70 DLP projector boasts a decent 4000:1 contrast ration
and a equally good 1000 Ansi lumens brightness. Of course, for a 1000
dollars you can't expect a whole lot of extras, but they do surprise
you with a wide range of conenctions and 1080p compatability

From the article:

went all out and included composite, s-video and component cables with
the HD70. That’s pretty cool, and the projector certainly has the
inputs to make use of all those free cables. In addition to the
connections found on the H31 (what I consider the “predecessor” to this
model) the HD70 splits off the secondary component/SCART/VGA connector
into an HD15 input (the HD70 had a DVI-I connector that served all of
these needs along with HDCP-enabled digital video). Present is a +12V
relay, but absent is the RS-232 serial port that the H31 possessed.
Essentially, you won’t see too many people installing this unit if they
demand serial control, but I think Optoma provides plenty of other
solutions for higher end budgets.