HP rolls out HD (DVD) for the holidays

I guess we know where HP stands in the next generation format wars. You can expect to find HP HD DVD drives in their m7600n desktop, the dv900t laptop and as an external drive.

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We all know the story, HP went from being a "strong" Blu-ray supporter (like Samsung and LG) to pushing for changes in the Blu-ray spec, hinting at pulling out of the Blu-ray Disc Association altogether, to deciding to remain neutral in the next generation disc format wars by supporting both Blu-ray and HD DVD in their products. While the managed copy feature central to those debates is still completely absent from both formats, HP is rolling out several HD DVD-based products for the 2006 holiday season. Pictured above is the hd100 external HD DVD drive, connecting via USB 2.0, it's a 2x HD DVD reader plus DVD and CD playback. Cyberlink's PowerDVD HD DVD Edition software is included for HD DVD playback, as long as you meet the hefty system recommendations