Logitech Harmony 720 Review

The 800 and above series from Logitech are great universal remotes but suffer from the arm and leg syndrome. The 720 follows closely due to the technology creep that we have come to know and love in lower end models. The "activity" functions are the same but the looks and feel have changed quite a bit from the Harmony 880. Its is pretty new to the market making it hard to find and the price tag is still at MSRP. Harmony remotes rate very high in the WAF!

From the article:

Perhaps the most unique feature of the Harmony remote line is the ability to program it through a PC.
Install the software on your computer (or use the web interface for
Macs), plug in the remote, and a start tweaking. The process for
initially setting up the remote takes approximately 10-15 minutes, but
more inquisitive users could spend anywhere up to hours messing with
each parameter and tweaking each setting. Most people with the skills
to use a regular remote will have no trouble setting up the Harmony 720
in most configurations. Power users will find the extensive use of
Wizards and question based solutions a little annoying. For instance,
we still cannot figure out how we managed to get our Yamaha receiver to
toggle the 6 Channel Input when it leaves the Home Theater PC activity.
But, it works. Users can adjust everything from the slide show that
displays in the cradle, to the pause between commands being sent to
individual components. Finding the screen where they’re done can be
slightly annoying, but with a little work, it all comes together.