HDTV Display Technology Guide


If you forgot where your bathroom was more then once this week, you had best head on over to ecoustics to read their HDTV primer before heading on over to your local big box store. All the major display devices are covered including plasma, LCD, LCD projection, DLB, LCoS, and front projector. What I need next is a primer in the next gen tech that is coming out :).

From the article:

DLP, LCD and LCoS technology is also available in front projectors for use in darkened rooms with a separate big screen. These compact, affordable (starting at $2,000 US) HD projectors can be ceiling-mounted and all use projection bulbs that require more frequent replacement (typically 1,000 to 3,000 hours) because the bulbs run hotter and brighter in order to throw an image onto a large 96 to 120-inch screen across the room. All have adjustable zoom lenses and focus, many with handy remote controls of the latter functions, although the zoom ranges do have limits and you must your screen and projector placement with the manufacturer's specs to make sure the unit will throw the desirable image size in your particular setup. Advantages and disadvantages of these different technologies basically parallel those of the DLP, LCD and LCoS rear-projection sets noted previously, except that with a separate screen you can see a clear, bright image from any angle in the room.