ASUS EAX1600 XT Silent Video Card

In the market for a nice silent video card to warm up your media center's insides? This one will sure do that job, as well as cause you some headaches during installation. Another [H]ardOCP article, this time from their Enthusiast department…and yes, I also wonder just how many departments they have as well.


From the article:

"The EAX1600 XT Silent is powered by an ATI Radeon X1600 XT GPU.
The Radeon X1600 XT features a 128-bit memory interface, 12 pixel
processors, 4 texture units, and 4 raster operators. It is fabricated
on a 90nm process and contains about 157 million transistors. It
supports HDR+AA support and high quality anisotropic filtering (HQAF),
both of which are currently are exclusive to ATI GPUs."