Vidabox HTPC Wireless Keyboard


Woohoo! My first news posting! Get used to them…as well as the sarcasm. 


Vidabox jumps back to 1999 with their Wireless Keyboard with trackball reviewed over at [H]ardOCP's Consumer Site. Maybe I'm hallucinating, but this seems to be the same thing that I saw years ago, but now it has USB! But hey, if you're desparate to spend $90 (yes, 90 bux) on this over all the other wireless keyboard options, it is available 


Vidabox Keyboard

From the article:
"The Vidabox is one of the less expensive wireless keyboards available,
and it shows. It’s a no-frills package that offers just the basics in
terms of features, but we’re okay with that. We’d rather pay less for
features we do use than pay more for features that are useless. Its
lack of features is also the result of its small-form factor, as
there’s simply no extra space on the keyboard for extra functionality.
All in all, we feel it’s a fair tradeoff. The Vidabox keyboard makes
good use of the small space it consumes."