missingremote version 1.0

As I mentioned in a forum post earlier today, after 1 week of being live we are officially releasing version 1.0 upon the masses. As with any 1.0 version, the majority of the work was getting all of the widgets and sprockets to work together in a harmonious manner. In this, was getting SMF and Joomla to work together, and more importantly look alike. John was the man responsible for most of this hacking  programming and it was quite the chore to get some of this to work.

The basic features we started out with is the news, navigation and of course the forums. For version 1.1, we plan on implementing a gallery for everyone to post pictures of their setup. Its always fun to brag :). If we hit a fat advertising contract, or I win the lottery, I would love to implement an Ajax gallery+virtual home theater setup. I think that is a little ways down the road though. However, we are always open to suggestions for site features :).

We have a few people helping out around here to keep the unruly forum crowds in control. Tony (crim) and Brett are moderators that will lay the smackdown if you get out of line. Mike (shadymg) will be posting news from time to time and will back me up when I am out of town.

If you know me from HTPCnews.com, you will know that I REALLY appreciate it when people submit news. So much so, that during the contest, it is worth a second entry :D.

So in wrap up.

Site Suggestions = good

Submit News = good

Forum spam = bad