16.5GB ‘Mini’ Blu-ray Discs Announced

Measuring in at a teeny 8cm, TDK's 16.5GB BLu-ray discs will be a sure hit in a camcorder or HD audio. Also worth noting, these diminutive discs are larger in capacity then their HD DVD cousins. It sucks getting beat up by a little guy. Nothing much else to see here, smaller Blu-ray discs and thats about it.

From the article:

As with CDs and DVDs, the first mini Blu-ray disc has been shown off at CEATEC
2006 (picture courtesy of NewLaunches.com) and it measures just 8cm in diameter
yet manages to squeeze in 16.5GB of storage. Writeable and re-writeable versions
are being developed and they are being targeted primarily for use in portable
devices like HD camcorders