2011 Year in Review

Another year is about to conclude, and I wanted to take the chance to highlight some of our most popular articles throughout the year. Real life sometimes gets in the way of reading the site, so hopefully this will help if you might have missed a certain special review or guide. Feel free to contribute what YOUR favorite article has been.

Here are the top 10:

  1. How to Enable Concurrent Sessions in Windows 7 Service Pack 1 RTM
    No real surprise here. Still our most popular guide to date, showing you how to get multiple logins at the same time on your Windows 7 box without having to kick off a user.
  2. Intel Core i3-2100T and DH67CF Mini-ITX MotherboardIntel Sandy Bridge: Core i5-2500K and DH67BL Motherboard / Intel Core i5-2400S and DH67GD Micro-ATX Motherboard
    I combined these reviews from Andrew since I think they deserved to share the top spot. Sandy Bridge was truly revolutionary and was great news for all us HTPC enthusiasts. Even 11 months later, these boards are still solid.
  3. How to Watch TV without Cable
    Examining all the various non-traditional cable TV options available for watching your favorite television programs, without having to pay a fortune.
  4. Beginner’s Guide to HTPC Software
    Taking a look at what software exists for use on your HTPC as your media center. This category is more than alive as some of these interfaces have become so beautiful you almost want to just sit at the home screen and drool. Maybe that’s just me.
  5. Media Players Comparison Guide
    With the popularity surrounding media players versus the full HTPC, there’s just as much confusion as excitement. Which media player is right for me? Will it play X filetype? Will it play all my videos? This guide is still being updated, and hopes to help your decision on your investment.
  6. Display Calibration – Part I
    Don’t waste your money on Geek squad, calibrate that new big screen by yourself! Aaron did a great job of explaining not only why you should do this to get the best picture of your new TV, but also simple steps to doing so.
  7. Beginners Guide to Controlling your HTPC
    Keyboards, Mice, remotes….everything combined?! Lots of options for sitting back on your sofa and controlling things, and depending on your needs, Josh goes through the list and helps explain the pros and cons to many of them.
  8. Beginner’s Guide What is an HTPC?
    We want Missing Remote to be a home for all enthusiasts, both new and old. And the question of what and why is just as relevant as ever with so many options for consuming media available. This guide breaks it down and tries to explain it. 
  9. ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre 5 / CyberLink PowerDVD 11
    The battle of Blu-ray software players really took a turn for the best this year, as Cyberlink and Arcsoft really upped the ante in their media center integration and improvements. The choice isn’t crystal clear, but luckily both are quite capable of satisfying your HD needs.
  10. Ceton InfiniTV Network Tuner Wizard: Access InfiniTV Tuners From Multiple PCs
    What a year for cable TV lovers, it’s no surprise that this guide on sharing your quad cableCard tuner around the house was so popular. We saw great innovation from Ceton, SiliconDust, and Hauppauge, as a price war commenced that made every consumer’s wallets ecstatic! Way better than the days of having only ONE CableCARD tuner to choose from for $200! 

And there you have it, quite a fun and mixed list as I glance at it. Reviews, guides, basics, Missing Remote readers really liked the whole breadth. And by no means was this the only content, so make sure you check out our Reviews, Guides, and Blogs tab and make sure you didn’t miss anything special!