Cedia 2011 Roundup


If you at all interested in anything Home Theater related like I am, you will want to check out the Cedia 2011 Roundup that Andrew Robinson compiled over at HomeTheaterReview.com. Some of the big takeaways that I found was 4k, 4k and more 4k. 4k seemed to be the highlight of the show, from projectors to ultra wide screen HDTV’s, you name it Cedia had it this year.The one issue Andrew brought up was that not all 4k displays were a true 4k (4096 x 2160) instead they were coined “faux k” or 3840 x 2160. So just as tall as true 4k but not as wide as true 4k. Kind of interesting on that aspect.

Andrew has a nice break down of some highlights for equipment that is definitely worth checking out. Andrew covers everything from projectors, to loud speakers, and sub woofers. So if you want a really well written recap of Cedia 2011 head over to Home Theater Review and check out Andrew’s article.

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