Back Again….

Well I’ve been on a hiatus for a while and thought I would update everyone on my status. I’ve had some issues come up that took me away from regularly posting on the site that has now been put behind me. I am looking forward to writing some new articles and guides for the site so stay tuned for those.

I am still big into Home Automation and still plan on doing a multi-part series on the intricacies of creating a system and having a life style around that system. Windows Media Center (7MC) is still a huge part of my every day living. I am now running a Ceton Quad cable card tuner, two Silicon Dust HD Homerun tuners for ATSC over the air for a total of 8 HD tuners, you can never have enough tuners 😉

Anyways stay tuned for great things to come. Any feedback on the topics please let me know, if there are any specifics in guides or setups you want to see lets us know and I will try my hardest to keep the content flowing this time around.

until next time,


  • Josh I just found today and

    Josh I just found today and really enjoyed your Blog – The Beginnings of a Home Automation Addict. I hope you plan to continue with this series as I am in the planning stages of setting a home automation foundation and I would love to see what you have discovered in your travels.

  • Welcome back.

    Welcome back. 🙂