IOGEAR GUWAVKIT2 Wireless HD Computer to TV Kit


Do you sometimes find yourself in a situation where you want to show off photos, a video or some other content on your laptop on your big screen without the means to do so? You know the drill; everyone crowds awkwardly around the small screen on your laptop and feigns interest even though they are terribly uncomfortable. This is one […]

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Boxee for iPad

At CES earlier this year we met with Boxee and had a preview of Boxee for iPad (Free), well today is the day.  Boxee for iPad has been released.  We have had a few days to play with it and I like. Boxee for iPadIt’s starting to feel like there’s so much to watch on the web that it’s hard […]

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Blu-ray Releases – August 9, 2011

Another good film for 80’s films with Dazed & Confused and Fast Times At Ridgement High. It’s fun watching those films today and seeing just how many of those actors became big stars over the years. One final note…I saw “Super,” and it is deceptively violent and very adult natured, so don’t be fooled by the comic book theme–I somewhat […]

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Hulu Jumps into Original Programming

Even while actively trying to sell itself, Hulu is continuing to try to stay relevant in the fast paced online streaming market. In an effort to continue to provide more content Hulu has teamed up with Morgan Spurlock (maker of “Super Size Me”) to create original content.  LOS ANGELES (AP) — Hulu, the online video service that primarily shows reruns […]

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ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre 5 Updated

If you’ve been following the development of ArcSoft’s Total Media Theatre 5 (TMT5), then you are aware that a beta version of the software introduced automatic refresh rate switching to the rate contained in the content natively based on display capability. There have been a few issues with the beta such as the Windows Media Center version of the player […]

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Windows 8 May Not License Dolby; Dolby Shares Tumbling


Dolby revealed today to investors that iterations of Windows 8 currently do not utilize Dolby technologies and they are preparing to support OEMs if licensing is not included in the commercial release of Windows 8. Currently, Dolby shares (DLB) are crashing down on the news. So what does this mean for home theater PC enthusiasts? If Dolby is not licensed, […]

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HDMI Cables are All the Same, Right?


An oft-repeated mantra repeated by many states that all HDMI cables are the same so we should just buy the cheapest cables available. Well, guess what? That common “wisdom” is simply not true. Some HDMI cable manufacturers cut so many corners that they design cables that don’t work properly in every situation. Have you ever had a cable work fine […]

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