Media Center Netflix Play Button Missing – Work-Around

If you are like the many of us frustrated users to see (or not see) the Play button missing on your Netflix Media Center plug-in, you are not alone. Luckily our friends at DMZ found a workaround–his wife found it, but we’ll give him credit! Let’s hope Microsoft and/or Netflix figures this out sooner than later.

For many people if you select an item from you Instant Queue, the “Play” button will be missing! It’s been documented on Microsoft Answers, but no solution has been posted yet. Fortunately my wife found a work-around! While the “Play” button may be missing in action from the screen, the “Play” button on the Media Center remote still works!


  • Awesome, I noticed this the

    Awesome, I noticed this the past two times I tried to watch something via streaming.

  • Ah noticed last week but it

    Ah noticed last week but it was only on one season.  When I switched to a different show it was fine.  Then last night I noticed it on a bunch of different shows and movies.  I will def try out the play button my WMC remote.  Glad I’m not the only one having this issue.

  • TheEmirOfGroofunkistan

    That’s an ok work around.

    That’s an ok work around.  But sometimes the missing buttons prevent navigating the list of episodes on TV shows.  Also, it’s impossible to manage your queue when the buttons are missing.  I wish Netflix/MS would stop passing the buck back and forth on this add-in and just maintain it.  It’s not that large of an app.

  • SpacemanSpiff2000

    Just noticed this weekend

    Just noticed this weekend when introducing the new HTPC to the kids. We found it with enough clicking, but thanks for confirming and suggesting!

  • I only tried one show out

    I only tried one show out last night – Bizarre Foods – and the play button had returned.  Not sure if this is just a fluke?

  • For me the button comes and

    For me the button comes and goes, it could be missing one minute and be back the next for the same Movie or TV series. My family’s workaround up to this point at been to keep backing out and re-entering the item we want to watch, the play button will eventually show up (it’s taken over 10 tries at times and there have been times when we’ve just given up and watched something else). It’s as if the buttons forget to load.

    I’ll definitely be trying this work around until the problem is fixed.

  • Happened to me.  My wife

    Happened to me.  My wife acted like I was stupid for not knowing the Play button worked.