Hulu Jumps into Original Programming

Even while actively trying to sell itself, Hulu is continuing to try to stay relevant in the fast paced online streaming market. In an effort to continue to provide more content Hulu has teamed up with Morgan Spurlock (maker of “Super Size Me”) to create original content.

 LOS ANGELES (AP) — Hulu, the online video service that primarily shows reruns from major broadcasters, is getting into the business of original programming.

In the first of several projects, the company teamed up with Morgan Spurlock, the documentary maker who criticized McDonald’s and fast-food lifestyles in “Super Size Me.” They are creating “A Day in the Life” — six half-hour episodes where filmmakers follow around famous people such as billionaire Richard Branson.

Hulu’s first foray into actual production follows a decision in March by another online video service, Netflix, to buy rights to “House of Cards.” Netflix Inc. ordered 26 hour-long episodes and plans to start showing them late next year.

AP via Yahoo! Finance