Netflix Sets February 1 to Debut “House of Cards”

House of Cards.jpg

Netflix tooks it first tentative steps into the world of original programming with Lilyhammer, a series developed in conjunction with a Norweigan production company. However, Netflix also has a couple of series coming up that the company has taken on all by itself. The first up will be House of Cards. Backed by David Fincher and Kevin Spacey, Netflix made […]

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Hulu Premieres “Battleground”, Netflix Preps “Orange is the New Black”

Battleground and Orange is the New Black

It’s been a busy month for streaming media fans looking for something new. Netflix launched their first original series, Lilyhammer, earlier this month, and this week Hulu premiered their first original scripted show, Battleground. While Netflix dropped the entire first season of Lilyhammer at one time, Hulu likes to parcel its shows out gradually. New episodes of Battleground will be available on […]

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Hulu Jumps into Original Programming

Even while actively trying to sell itself, Hulu is continuing to try to stay relevant in the fast paced online streaming market. In an effort to continue to provide more content Hulu has teamed up with Morgan Spurlock (maker of “Super Size Me”) to create original content.  LOS ANGELES (AP) — Hulu, the online video service that primarily shows reruns […]

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