HDMI Cables are All the Same, Right?


An oft-repeated mantra repeated by many states that all HDMI cables are the same so we should just buy the cheapest cables available. Well, guess what? That common “wisdom” is simply not true. Some HDMI cable manufacturers cut so many corners that they design cables that don’t work properly in every situation.

Have you ever had a cable work fine at 720p or 1080i, but not 1080p? Have you ever had HDCP or EDID issues? There’s a good possibility that the HDMI cable being used is to blame.

When it comes to HDMI performance, let me restate that reliability has been the major issue, and it usually surfaces with people breaking the rules.

This is not new, we’ve been following specification rules since the invention of the wheel, so why has it now taken such a toll?

In our experience, some manufacturers have shown a lack of competency in making HDMI products right the first time and continuing that over the products’ life span. It is absolutely false that all cables are the same, even at short lengths.


  • This the very reason why the

    This the very reason why the first thing I do when buying any new consumer electronics device is to trash the OEM cables that come with it.  I’ve always felt that aftermarket cables are superior, but I don’t buy into the hype associated with the esoteric cables that are astronomically priced.  Monster actually makes decent cables, but they’re only worth a fraction of what they charge, IMHO.  There are lots of aftermarket HDMI cables that are reasonably priced that will do the job as well, if not better, than cables costing much more, especially Monster.

    I know a lot of people rave about Monoprice, but finding a quality cable from them can be hit or miss.  They do sell some good cables at a low price, but sometimes you also get what you pay for.  I prefer to stick with name brands whenever possible, but even they can be way overpriced.  If you can find any reviews of a specific product you’re interested in then do a little homework before you buy.  You’ll stand a better chance of getting a cable that suits your needs at a price you want to pay.  This is where sites like The Missing Remote really shine because they’ll give you the straight skinny.

  • http://www.bluejeanscable.com


    Higher priced than most Monoprice cables but generally lower than Mobster Cable.  Although it’s been a while since I bought any cable from Bluejeans Cable they always delivered top-notch products in the past.