Comcast CEO: No Viable Streaming Biz Model Outside of Cable

Well, it seems like Comcast still views Internet streaming as a niche add-on and not as a serious business model.

Don’t expect Comcast Corp. to launch a subscription video-on-demand service similar to Netflix and Amazon Prime anytime soon.

Speaking Aug. 3 to analysts, CEO Brian Roberts said Comcast remained focused on delivering content to cable subscribers through various channels, including its TV Everywhere app, Xfinity TV.

Roberts had been asked if Comcast would attempt to offer streaming to non-subscribers or consumers outside of its service areas, which one analyst pegged at 50 million homes.

“I don’t think there’s yet a business model that we’ve seen that … [allows us to] make money,” Roberts said of streaming to non-subscribers, adding that attempts to offer free on-demand programming via proved unprofitable. “… I think it’s better when you already have a relationship with the customer to add these services on.”

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