SVS SoundPath Cables reviewed @ RHT

I’ll be honest. I usually avoid audio cable reviews because, well… they are generally fluff. There just isn’t any value to be had from getting riled up reading about the unicorn mane and dodo tears that went into the manufacture of an over-priced bit of metal. But, when I saw SVS‘s new SoundPath cables reviewed on Reference Home Theater, I thought it just might be worth 30 seconds :). Fortunately, there was no mention of arcane manufacturing processes and we already knew the cables were reasonably priced… I can’t help but wonder though; given the reviewer’s own words on the subject – why only 4.5/5 for performance?

Cable talk is often a hot topic consisting of three main groups: on one end, those who just want the cheapest solution that works, on the other end are those willing to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars for premium cables. In between are the value conscious buyers who still want high quality, but don’t believe in the perceivable benefits of expensive cabling. Reference Home Theater falls in the latter category and the new SoundPath cables from SVS feel right at home.