LG BD690 Blu-Ray Player OOTB Install


So my wife took the kids to grandma’s and I finally had some time to open and install the LG BD690 she’d given me for my birthday. I had my eye on the LG BD590 for a while because of the built-in disk drive. IMHO, it just makes it a more functional and hackable device in the long run, and […]

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CableCARD Installation: It’s Getting Better

IMG_0995 (1280x960).jpg

Having just installed my second CableCARD product, I thought it would be good to share my experience. Last December, I posted about my experience installing the Ceton InfiniTV 4. Back then, I had to pay a $75 installation fee and schedule an installer to visit my home only to hand me the CableCARD and call in to have it activated. […]

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Elgato App Debuts; Allows iPad 2 to Watch, Pause and Record Cable TV Directly From SiliconDust HDHomeRun PRIME CableCARD Tuner


Have you been dreaming of watching, recording and pausing Cable TV on your iPad 2? An interesting app from Elgato called the HDHomeRun PRIME App now provides that functionality. It’s currently available in the App Store for $17.99. You will need to get your hands on an HDHomeRun PRIME, of course. Only “Copy Freely” content will work so that’s something you’ll definitely […]

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Sony PS3 Lands NFL Streaming

Is this a bigger win than XBox360 and its ESPN3 deal? Depends who you ask, but it’s pretty big given the recent price reduction of the PS3 as well, showing Sony really trying to put some muscle in. Given the high price point though ($350) I’m not sure how many people are going to do this…but hey, still newsworthy for […]

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Proof Commercial Skipping Saves Lives!

I always thought that Lifextender was a little tongue-in-cheek, but now there are studies which prove it actually does what it says! The summary is that After 25, After Every Hour Of TV Watched, Lifespan Drops By 22 Minutes. Now, knowing that 15 minutes of every TV hour is commercials, skipping commercials thus increases your lifespan by 5.5 minutes. So […]

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