LG Credit Card Bluetooth Keyboard

Looks like an alternative to the DiNovo mini with a little less functionality. For when you only need a keyboard?    Essentially a credit cardesque Bluetooth keyboard, we’re not sure that we’d use it to type on our coordinating LG phone, but it’d be fantastic for text entry on the PS3, or just navigating a simple home theater PC menu. […]

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What Will WiMax Do For You?

The WiMax wireless standard promises more robust wireless service, greater reliability and power. Will it deliver?   Wireless Interoperability for Microwave Transmission, more commonly known as WiMax, is a technology based on the IEEE 802.16 standard used for wireless transmission of data. The 802.16 standard has been through a few evolutionary stages, with 802.16e the most recent updated form. The […]

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Black Magic Antennas


With the analog to digital conversion coming in one month, many people who generally get most of their TV from Over The Air sources tend to question if their current antenna setup will be able to receive the new digital broadcasts.  Today we will be demystifying the Black Magic that is antennas and how they work.     Getting Free […]

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Netflix Winner

Joshua Spielman is our Netflix winner :). Please reply back to this post within a week to claim your prize. Congrats and enjoy your three month memebership to Netflix. Joshua won this prize for submitting "TV in Peril. Is Nothing Sacred?" news. If you would like to submit news for everyone in the Missingremote.com community to see, please hit the […]

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S1Digital launches new P500 Media Center and updates ProLine Series products for 2009


The P500 builds upon S1Digital’s already successful line of ProLine Series Media Centers and provides customers with powerful features in a high-end, custom designed chassis. Available with up to four CableCard HDTV tuners plus an  unencrypted QAM/ATSC tuner, Blu-ray movie playback with Profile 2.0 features, movie archiving capabilities, and three terabytes (2TB useable) of internal RAID-5 storage. The P500 supports […]

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HDPVR For Vista Media Center

Via Geektonic, big news for the Media Center world! Through the use of a program called DVBSBridge, support for hauppauge’s HDPVR is now added. If you haven’t read my review to understand the significane of this I will break it down pretty quickly for you. The HDPVR allows you to take your analog component HD feed (even DRM laced channels) […]

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Boxee for Windows – Music and More

Music is one of the features which Windows Media Center does really quite well–the layout is fun, easy to follow, useful and attractive. That being said, the features are quite minimal. You see the information which you provide via tags and little extra. Boxee adds a splash of innovation into their Music abilities, as you can see from the video […]

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Windows 7 SKUs

Windows SKU’s have been a confusing puddle of nonsense in the past and on the surface not a whole lot as changed now that Windows 7 is coming down the line. There are 5 SKUs that will be available at launch.The bullet points are key points from the press release. Each SKU has all of the features of the lower […]

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Boxee for Windows – Photos

Most people that are aware of Boxee think it’s primarily used for television watching–mainly all the internet TV portals for watching full episodes on demand, which I covered a bit during my first impressions look. The Photos area of Boxee however is equally powerful. Again, if you have seen Boxee on AppleTV or other previous device, you will notice very […]

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