Boxee for Windows – Photos

Most people that are aware of Boxee think it’s primarily used for television watching–mainly all the internet TV portals for watching full episodes on demand, which I covered a bit during my first impressions look. The Photos area of Boxee however is equally powerful.

Again, if you have seen Boxee on AppleTV or other previous device, you will notice very little difference between the experience–which is a good thing. The interface is similar to the Videos section in that you configure your local and network libraries, but then also have the power of internet picture portals–FlickR, Picasa and The Big Picture.

The interface is easy to follow and the experience is nice. It’s still a bit odd adjusting to the limited button support (which I’ve heard will be changed to better support the Microsoft remotes) but if you are familiar with the AppleTV it’s an easy adjustment to make.