VNC: Window To A Remote GUI

Windows Server Configuration Dialog

If a Windows user wants remote access to another Windows GUI it’s as simple as configuring Windows Remote Desktop and initiating a session.  That’s all fine and good, but let’s say the remote GUI is a Linux based PC or perhaps the Windows user wants to use something other than Remote Desktop.  How then is this trick to be accomplished?  […]

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SSH: Secure Console Access From Afar

There comes a time in every Linux user’s life where it would be quite handy to administer the box remotely. Whether it is to tweak some Linux settings from a Windows box or to fiddle with the Linux server in the basement from the comfort of your desktop system upstairs, SSH (Secure SHell) can make your dreams come true. Today, […]

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XBMC ported to Mac

Maybe it’s time to finally pick up a cheap Mac Mini. 🙂 Life Hacker "Whether or not you’ve already transformed your old Xbox into a media Center with Xbox Media Center (XBMC), chances are you’ve seen what a killer media center application XBMC is. If you’ve ever wished you could bring the same saucy media center interface to your Mac, […]

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Netflix chooses Blu-ray over HD DVD

Another one bites the dust. Up until now, Netflix has been stocking both formats. But now they will be switching exclusively to Blu-ray. Reuters Netflix said that with such a clear signal from the industry, it will only buy Blu-ray discs going forward and will phase out stock of HD DVD by about the end of the year.

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VMC Team Needs Your Feedback

Charlie Owen, a member of the Media Center Team, has posted a thread in the TGB forums requesting feedback on the Start Menu in VMC. Now I know everyone has an opinion on what they would like to see different. The Green Button My only complaints (and I suppose these have more to do with Recorded TV than Start) is […]

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Antec Fusion Black 430


The search for a great frontend has met its match today in the Antec Fusion Black.  Sporting a black front panel, LCD with integrated IR receiver and a quiet design, what more could you need?  Read on to find out. Intro   Antec is a name that most have heard before.  They have a number of great computer cases and […]

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