VMC Team Needs Your Feedback

Charlie Owen, a member of the Media Center Team, has posted a thread in the TGB forums requesting feedback on the Start Menu in VMC. Now I know everyone has an opinion on what they would like to see different.

The Green Button

My only complaints (and I suppose these have more to do with Recorded TV than Start) is that 1) I really liked the screen in MCE 2005 that showed the last 4 or 5 recorded shows and the next 4 or 5 shows to be recorded. I’d prefer not to have to click on Recorded TV, then click the up button twice, then enter to view what’s going to record next. It was great to have it all on one screen. 2) The Search function is only on the start menu and it’s all the way to the right. Why can’t you have another search link under, say, Scheduled Recordings?