Vista Media Center Gets Netflix Plug-in with Watch Now Support

Vista users with Netflix accounts can now rejoice. An MCML (beta) plugin was just released by Anthony Park (the MCEBrowser guy) that does all the stuff the old MyNetflix plugin did, plus it also handles "Watch Now"!  And since it’s MCML it looks great too. This is one of the plugins I’ve been most excited about lately seeing as how Netflix changed their "Watch Now" to unlimited viewing.

Fellow MVP Anthony Park has just
released MyNetflix for Vista Media Center
This incredible MCML plug-in has a host of features including “Watch Now”
streaming ability!  That’s right, no more
waiting for Netflix to get their head in the game
.  Other features include…

  • View Netflix queue
  • Browse movies
  • View your history/recommendations
  • Add/remove/move movies to your queue
  • Browse “Watch now” movies
  • Play “Watch now” movies

Via Chris Lanier