Hava Platinum HD Review: Part 1

hava_player2 [320x200].jpg

Placeshifting is a term that has been around the Media Center enthusiast world for a while now. Although not perfected, it has certainly come along way in the past couple of years. Programs like SageTV and Orb, and hardware like Slingbox and Hava have allowed you to take your TV whereever you may roam. I am fortunate enough to take […]

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Weekend In Review

Generally the weekend affords us HTPC enthusiasts the opportunity to catch up on a few of life’s simpler pleasures like listening to music, maybe catching up on some recorded shows or catch up on the recent DVD releases. I never made it to the theatrical release of Transformers so I decided to go to my local RedBox and rent it. […]

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Ricavision Ships First Vista Media Center Remotes


The best comment I can give to this is at least it’s cheap, but I still think the false publicity Ricavision has pushed through the Internet is enough to frustrate a lot of users and is really creating a bad reputation. So maybe the Sideshow remotes are having technical issues…ok, but then why not the universal + MCE remote?? Chris […]

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Western Digital’s Caviar GP hard drive

Most HTPC users have always preferred silence over performance when it comes to choosing hard drives. But what if you could have that silence while at the same time using less power? The Tech Report gives us a fairly lengthy review of Western Digital’s new GP (GreenPower) hard drives. Tech Report The GreenPower is the quietest desktop drive we’ve ever […]

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Bigger Is Better?

At least when it comes to storage ;). The Tech Report has scoopage on WD’s newest 1TB hard drive. WD is focusing this hard drive has a quiet low power alternative to other hard drives in its lineup. This certainly has a big impact for HTPC enthusiasts where noise and heat are taken into account before performance and speed. After […]

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Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD panel discussion

Its nice to see the Blu-Ray and HD-DVD camps take time out of their busy schedule of predicting each others’ imminent demise via press release to sit down together and do it in person. Video Business Supporters of the HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc high-definition formats locked horns at the HDTV DisplaySearch conference here Wednesday, but all participants ultimately agreed […]

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The Casual Input Device

This idea has been floating around in my head for a few months now. I am pretty sure this idea will never make it to market.  With me as its sole stakeholder, I decided to share it with the community so you can mock me. Let me layout the situation before I go into my brilliant idea. The other night, […]

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Turn Your Rig into a Linux Home Theater PC (for free)

Here’s yet another article highlighting 3 HTPC software programs that run under Linux.  The best part is it’s all free.  Well, free if you don’t put a price on your time and you already have the hardware laying around. ExtremeTech You hardly need a state of the art machine to run MythTV or Freevo, though some extra processing power and […]

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Omaura Giveaway


First off, let me thank Omaura for sponsoring this contest. They are new to the HTPC chassis world, but they are starting off with a bang by designing some of the nicest cases we have seen yet. If you are planning a HTPC build in the near future, I would encourage you to check these cases out. Head on over […]

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