Mitsubishi HC6000 Home Theater Projector review


Final results re. price/performance are on hold, pending the results of soon to be reviewed competing beamers. Projector Centeral Despite the modest looking improvements in the specifications, the HC6000 is clearly a better projector than the HC5000, which itself was an outstanding product. If you were looking at them side by side without knowing the specifications, you could not be […]

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Hava Platinum HD Review: Part 1

hava_player2 [320x200].jpg

Placeshifting is a term that has been around the Media Center enthusiast world for a while now. Although not perfected, it has certainly come along way in the past couple of years. Programs like SageTV and Orb, and hardware like Slingbox and Hava have allowed you to take your TV whereever you may roam. I am fortunate enough to take […]

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