The Casual Input Device

This idea has been floating around in my head for a few months now. I am pretty sure this idea will never make it to market.  With me as its sole stakeholder, I decided to share it with the community so you can mock me.

Let me layout the situation before I go into my brilliant idea. The other night, give or take a few quarters, I was browsing my collection of Weird Al songs when a friend of mine popped online and messaged me asking where the accordion polka party was going to be. With remote in hand, I would have to lean over to the side table and pull out my keyboard and start the conversation. It was a pain. I want change.. 

Onto the idea. My thoughts are to put a small slide out keyboard around the size of a smartphone keyboard on the bottom of the remote. It communicate via bluetooth to the remote and have the remote relay the letters to the HTPC. They do it on cell phones so surely this would be a relatively easy adaptation. What do you think? Perhaps you could have a control pad option for roms?

Is this the next great HTPC product? Or wishful thinking on the part of an old HTPC addict?