Antec A/V Cooler


  Antec has been known for years as being a great company to provide quality cases and power supplies, which are as great for gamers as they are quiet for Media Center users. They have come to embrace the Home Theater PC audience slowly, but have developed a product line dubbed "Veris ," which they’ve tied together their current HTPC […]

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Unofficial Joost MCE Plugin

Anybody want to check this out? Ehomeupgrade Who says you can’t watch Joost on your TV? Fishtank, a member of The Green Button community, claims to have developed a working plugin that pulls Joost IPTV content into Media Center for viewing (via CL).

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Omaura & Giveaway


First off, let me thank Omaura for sponsoring this contest. They are new to the HTPC chassis world, but they are starting off with a bang by designing some of the nicest cases we have seen yet. If you are planning a HTPC build in the near future, I would encourage you to check these cases out. Head on over […]

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It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

The time may have been closer to a dark and stormy morning with a few rain drops here and there but it didn’t lend itself to the type of dramatic weather and timing this particular story required. A doorbell rang out disturbing this other wise toddler quiet household. We weren’t expecting anyone. Puzzled, I opened the door and to my […]

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10 Inventive Home Automation Applications

Here are some ideas for home automation projects you probably didn’t even know existed :). My favorite was the external temperature sensor :). Living in California I always had the problem of the AC running when it was a few degrees cooler outside. CEPro To solve this, all we did was connect a Card Access contact switch with an external […]

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Universal Adds HD DVD Features

Much time has been spend bitching about the format wars. However, we must not forget that we are getting a few decent features like improved "Extras". Universal is taking a web 2.0’ish approach to their HD DVD extras. Users will be able to log onto a website and have access to a download center and U-shop. Of course some of […]

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Pioneer Kuro PDP-5010FD 50-inch Plasma HDTV

The rumour around the block is that the Pioneer Kuro is one helluva TV. Adding to those rumours is S&V’s glowing review of this 50" 1080p bad boy. The TV has a lot going for it incuding great black levels and true 1080p24f support. For all of this and 4 HDMI inputs, you can expect to pay a healthy $4000 […]

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Auzentech X-Meridian 7.1 Soundcard

Front View of X-Meridian Box

  Auzentech X-Meridian 7.1 Soundcard The X-Meridian has been on the market since last fall and has developed a strong following among the HTPC audiophile market. With high quality DACs and replacable Op-Amps this sound card shows a lot of potential. Let’s take a look at how it performs in an average home setup and on our audiophile test bench. […]

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