Niveus Releases Control Server/Companion BETA to the Public


Niveus has released their first beta of their new Companion/Control Server Remote Control Software. This was previously restricted to only run on Niveus systems, so it’s nice to see them let the community enjoy. This is a little different than the old Pocket Remote, as it won’t work on mobile devices, but from the looks it’ll work on any XP or Vista systems….time to make use of those tablet or UMPC systems. 

Niveus Media, Inc

Niveus Media Center Companion™ software is the ultimate networked remote control for the Niveus Media Center & Niveus Media Extender. Picking up where the award-winning Niveus Pocket Remote™ leaves off, Niveus Media Center Companion™ empowers you to take full control of the media experience by integrating remote control abilities for your digital photos, music collection, Internet radio stations, videos and more.