It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

The time may have been closer to a dark and stormy morning with a few rain drops here and there but it didn’t lend itself to the type of dramatic weather and timing this particular story required.

A doorbell rang out disturbing this other wise toddler quiet household. We weren’t expecting anyone. Puzzled, I opened the door and to my amazement the love of my life was in the doorway. Sexy clothing hung over her body like a auto cover does a car. It was like Christmas time all over again, I couldn’t wait to get the wrapping off.

After turning the heat up a few degrees to ensure mah dahling was comfortable, I gave her a come hither look that suggested I was ready to get going. She was playing hard to get but with some encouragement I was rewarded.

I am not sure how I made it this long… The passion could be cut with a rubber spoon.. I hooked up the cable.. I pressed the power button… I turned on the game.. Yes… My 1080p TV was back in time for the NHL season and HDNet is broadcasting games.