AMD Introduces New Tuner Products to Deliver Exceptional HDTV on PCs

xpands industry’s premier placeshifting TV-on-the-PC portfolio with addition of TV Wonder™ 650 Combo USB and TV Wonder™ 600 PCI/PCI Express Sunnyvale, Calif. — October 15, 2007 —AMD (NYSE: AMD) is expanding its TV Wonder™ product lineup that enables HDTV on the PC. Available through VisionTek at Best Buy stores across North America, ATI TV Wonder™ 650 Combo USB, TV Wonder™ […]

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Hitachi halves hard drive head size

And from the "You-Can-Never-Have-Enough-Storage" Department, Hitachi says 4TB drives in desktop computers by 2009. The Register Hitachi’s new head may be tiny – 30-50nm in size, one two-thousandth of the thickness of a human hair – but the technology it’s based on is something of a mouthful: Current Perpendicular-to-the-Plane Giant Magneto-Resistive (CPP-GMR). In practice that means the heads are based […]

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Windows Home Server in depth

Ars has put together a pretty good overview of Windows Home Server. Ars Technica Perhaps the most impressive "feature" of Windows Home Server is that it’s a product that gives the term "digital hub" real meaning for the first time. While WHS isn’t perfect, it’s not hard to imagine a future version of the OS offering both a wider range […]

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Omaura and have teamed up to give away over a $1000 in cases to anyone anywhere in the world (see rules for details) . All you have to do is WOW the judges with an entry describing how winning an Omaura case will change your life. Easy right? Text? Video? Artistic dancing while reciting poetry? All are valid entries! […]

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The Media Center Show #126 – Nial Ginsbourg

Tongue Out

This week up, Ian’s got Nial Ginsbourg (pronounced like the river Nile ) up for interview. If you’ve ever seen the "BigScreen" applications and wondered in amazement how he makes such cool MCML apps….well, keep wondering. But at least you can listen to the aussie speak a little about the development world.  Show Times: 00:50 Welcome to the show 01:38 […]

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