The Media Center Show #126 – Nial Ginsbourg

Tongue Out

This week up, Ian’s got Nial Ginsbourg (pronounced like the river Nile ) up for interview. If you’ve ever seen the "BigScreen" applications and wondered in amazement how he makes such cool MCML apps….well, keep wondering. But at least you can listen to the aussie speak a little about the development world.

 Show Times:
00:50 Welcome to the show
01:38 Email – Voice control video
02:48 Email – Do Extenders need the host PC turned on?
05:10 V2 Zunes with Media Center Support
06:23 I got a Zune!, Zune forums
07:32 Niveus Media Center Companion Software – My review
09:42 PowerPlay List on Codeplex
10:50 Get nominating for The Media Center Show Awards – see this forum thread
11:47 Last chance to Win Media Center Communicator and the L-Beam Wireless Microphone System (link to video)
12:39 A message from One Voice
13:20 Welcome to Nial
14:30 Balancing  Media Center work
15:34 Getting business to look at Media Center as a platform
21:00 The design process
24:54 Development tools
27:00 Reusing code
30:00 User feedback
32:00 Tools
34:00 Wix installer
36:30 64bit
37:35 Big Screen Photos 2
45:20 Big Screen Headlines
53:44 Big Screen Contacts
54:10 Big Screen Weather
56:17 Big Screen TV
59:30 Touch screen application
01:08:00 and
01:12:00 Thanks to Nial

Go listen to the show here