Weekend In Review

Generally the weekend affords us HTPC enthusiasts the opportunity to catch up on a few of life’s simpler pleasures like listening to music, maybe catching up on some recorded shows or catch up on the recent DVD releases. I never made it to the theatrical release of Transformers so I decided to go to my local RedBox and rent it.

Transformers is a geek’s wet dream. End of review? Pretty much. Sure it’s not Oscar worthy. Moving the plot forward hurt a little sometimes. It didn’t have the same epic oomph Independent Day had. Its very easy to get by all of that :). The action sequences are insane and the special effects were awesome! I guess I can finally look at the thread with spoilers now and see what the rest of the mr.com thought :).

I appreciate they didn’t deviate too far from the cartoon for vehicles and such. The GM love parade was annoying but what are you going to do. Corporate sponsors is where it’s at.

If you haven’t rented it.. Do so :). I its mr.com and geek recommended :). This thirty second review has been brought to you by our friendly people at Pontiac 😉