Bigger Is Better?

At least when it comes to storage ;). The Tech Report has scoopage on WD’s newest 1TB hard drive. WD is focusing this hard drive has a quiet low power alternative to other hard drives in its lineup. This certainly has a big impact for HTPC enthusiasts where noise and heat are taken into account before performance and speed. After all you don’t need the fastest hard drive in the world to access your files, but a loud seek noise will piss off your wife quicker then you can say Cable DVR box.

The Tech Report

Squeezing a terabyte into a 3.5" hard drive form factor is no easy task, but Western Digital has done it in style using platters that offer a much higher areal density than its other drives. The Caviar GP makes use of perpendicular recording techniques similar to those used by the Caviar SE16 and RE2. Those drives only manage to pack 188GB per platter, though, while the GP shoehorns 250GB onto each disk.