E3: Gaikai and OnLive Continue Gaming Push for Smart TVs

Gaikai and OnLive

As Smart TVs have grown in popularity, we’ve seen manufacturers expand the capabilities of Smart TV apps beyond streaming music and video to allow for accessing social media, browsing the web, and even some minor gaming. However, at E3 this year, it became increasingly clear that offering console and PC-quality gaming is set to be the next big trend. The […]

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Samsung Confirms 3D TV Market Growth Slow

Samsung TV

TP Vision wasn’t the only company on hand at the IFA Global Press Conference in Croatia this week. Samsung was also there to outline its plans to continue to dominate TV sales. Like TP Vision, Samsung had a lot of praise to share for the growth of smart TVs, but Samsung was also sharing some less than encouraging news about […]

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Vizio Adds Skype and YouTube to Internet Apps

Vizio and Skype

Vizio’s Internet Apps smart TV platform added two new apps this week. The first was a new Skype app. To take advantage of the Skype app, Vizio is also selling the new V.I.A. TV Video Camera for $150. The TV Video Camera connects to a compatible V.I.A-enabled TV via USB and provides 720p video capability. The second new app is […]

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Half of All Smart TVs Not Connected to Internet

Smart TV

The biggest trend in TVs over the last couple of years has been the move toward 3D and smart TVs. Indeed, it is rapidly becoming difficult to buy a TV without both features, but that is no guarantee that anyone will actually use the features. A recent NPD In-Stat survey has revealed that only 47% of smart TVs are actually […]

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Intel Looking to Atom and Tizen for Smart TVs


The first generation Google TVs were Intel-powered, and if those original Google TV devices had been the runaway successes that Google had hoped, then Intel today would have a pretty big foot in the door of the smart TV market. Instead, the general consensus is that Google TV v1.0 flopped, sending Google back to the drawing board for v2.0, and […]

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Sony Discontinues Google TV-Powered TVs

Sony Google TV Discontinued

Sony was one of the original Google TV launch partners, and based on what we saw at CES, Sony is planning on sticking around to see how Google TV 2.o pans out, just not with an actual TV. Sony had 3 TV models powered by Google TV, but it would seem that they have been discontinued. Sony has not officially […]

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Lenovo K91 Android TV Hands-on

Lenovo K91

There have been a plethora of Google TV announcements at CES this year, but Lenovo decided to take a different tack with their SmartTV K91. They did go with a Google platform, but Lenovo decided to go with Android 4.0 instead, making the K91 the first Ice Cream Sandwich TV. Take away the 55 inch screen and the Lenovo K91 […]

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