Gaikai Coming to LG Smart TV Platform


Smart TV platforms peddling games are not new at this point, but such games tend to be simple, casual affairs. Gaikai and LG are hoping to take things to the next level by offering Gaikai as part of LG’s Smart TV games portal. Gaikai streams games from the cloud, allowing LG’s Smart TVs to play powerful PC and console titles […]

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Intel WiDi to be Built into TV and STB Chipsets

WiDi Logo

Intel’s WiDi wireless display technology has been on a bit of a slow burn, in large part because making the wireless connection requires that WiDi be built into both the receiving device and the transmitting device. Intel has some control over the transmitting side as they would love to see everyone buying new laptops to stream content to their TVs, […]

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Google TV Adds an LG TV to the Portfolio

LG Google TV

Google tried to keep Google TV out of sight during last year’s CES, but not his year. Hot on the heels of Marvell’s announcement that it was building chips to support Google TV’s transition to ARM comes the announcement that LG will be showing off their own Google TV-powered smart TV at CES this year. LG will be joining Samsung, […]

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CES Preview: Samsung and Sony Preparing for the Future of TV

CES 2012

CES is getting ever closer and consumer electronics manufacturers are starting to ramp up the PR machines. Sony and Samsung are both planning on highlighting their television divisions at CES 2012, and you can be sure that there will be a lot of talk about “connected” and “smart” TVs, and integrating “services” and “Internet access”. Evidently Sony is planning on […]

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Lenovo Eyeing the Smart TV Market with LeTV

Lenovo TV

Lenovo, the world’s second largest computer manufacturer, has been getting our attention with HTPCs and HTPC remotes lately. Like many other computer manufacturers, Lenovo has been gradually moving into other markets with products such as LePhone and LePad. Coming up next will be LeTV. The LeTV, or the IdeaTV as it is expected be called in North America, should be […]

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Adobe Ending Flash for Television


Adobe recently announced that they are going to halt the development of Flash for mobile devices. Turns out that includes televisions. Adobe had 200 partners onboard with their Open Screen Project, an effort to create a platform for deploying Flash-based apps across multiple devices. Unfortunately, it never got deployed much farther than the Google TV. It doesn’t sound like this will affect companies […]

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Panasonic Sees the Big Picture with Their New Social TV App

Social Panasonic

Smart TVs are all about bringing the world of apps to the television set, and Panasonic’s smart TVs are no different. Panasonic recently announced some new apps, but the most interesting app was their upgraded Social TV app. Panasonic’s Viera TVs have included social apps for a while, but its latest upgrade brings an integrated Social TV app designed to let viewers […]

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New Services adds Smart TV Features to ATT U-verse

Earlier this year a social media service called BuddyTV launched adding social media, chat, trending and TV guide data all into one easy to use interface on your iOS and Android devices. Now fast forward to today, BuddyTV has announced a new partnership with ATT and their U-verse TV service.  With BuddyTV installed on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device […]

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