Microsoft Mulling Original TV Content for Xbox Live TV

Ballmet on Xbox TV

Microsoft is still in the process of rolling out TV apps for their new Metro-infused Xbox 360 UI and the attendant Xbox Live TV services, but Microsoft is evidently already looking ahead and considering developing their own original programming. Reportedly two former NBC executives have already been approached about coming on board with Microsoft, which would make some sense given the […]

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Xbox 360 Metro UI Goes Live

It’s been two months since Microsoft got official about their plans to bring more television and media services to the Xbox 360 along with a revamped Metro-style user interface. Microsoft has started rolling out the update, the most extensive Xbox 360 makeover since the NXE update in the fall of 2008.  The visual appearance of the new UI is striking, though […]

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Windows 8 Build 8141 Leaks with Media Center Inside


Even before Microsoft released the Windows 8 Developer’s Preview at the Build Conference, Steven Sinofsky had let the world know that although Windows Media Center would be returning with Windows 8, we would not see it in the first pre-release builds. One of the questions that was left unanswered was whether Media Center would return in essentially the same integrated […]

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Auto-minimize the WHS 2011 Launchpad


One of my biggest Windows Home Server 2011 pet peeves involves the new Launchpad software. It’s not that I don’t like the software. It does a good job of exposing the server’s functions and alert status. The problem is that there is no option to launch it minimized at startup, leaving it to constantly float around on my desktop. It’s […]

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I Dub Thee, MicroSkype

Microsoft and Skype have finally exchanged vows in front of the world’s regulators. For $8.5 billion Microsoft has bought the right to integrate voice calling services into every product they sell and into every box that their software touches. No one should register surprise when a future Xbox Live update’s big news is the integration of Skype and we can […]

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More Open Apps Marketplace Rumored for Xbox 360

Rumors have circulated before that Microsoft was planning on opening up the development platform for the Xbox 360 to allow for an app store. It is no secret that the upcoming dashboard update will add an Apps section and a link to an Apps Marketplace, but these apps are going to fit the current mold of app deployment on the […]

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