Google TV Adds an LG TV to the Portfolio

LG Google TV

Google tried to keep Google TV out of sight during last year’s CES, but not his year. Hot on the heels of Marvell’s announcement that it was building chips to support Google TV’s transition to ARM comes the announcement that LG will be showing off their own Google TV-powered smart TV at CES this year. LG will be joining Samsung, […]

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LG Going for Style with New 3D Glasses

LG F Glasses

To date, 3D TV technology hasn’t really done anything for me. Even aside from the fact that my TV isn’t ready for an upgrade, the idea of wearing glasses to watch TV does not appeal, and the idea of convincing my family to wear special glasses while watching TV appeals even less. Perhaps LG will start a trend with their […]

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LG Bringing 55″ OLED HDTV to CES 2012


Few home theater technologies have the power to induce weak knees and a whole lot of unsightly drool better than OLED panels. It has been held up as the holy grail of HDTV panel technologies; the black levels of plasma, the brightness of LCD, unparalleled thinness, and minuscule power consumption. Reality hasn’t quite kept up with the hype, but that doesn’t make […]

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Intel and LG Team Up for WiDi-Equipped TVs

LG with WiDi

Intel has been flogging their take on wireless HDMI, known as WiDi or Intel Wireless Display for about a year now, but they have had trouble convincing consumer electronics manufacturers to get on board. That might be changing. LG has entered into a strategic alliance with Intel that will see WiDi being made available on LG’s 2012 Cinema 3D Smart […]

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LG Announces Magic Motion Remote Control

Magic Motion Remote Control

LG has announced a new version of their Magic Motion Remote Control, the Wiimote-style remote control that LG started shipping with their high-end TVs last year. This year’s version of the remote control adds gesture support to make the remote even more Wiimote-like, a scroll wheel, and everyone’s favorite new input system: voice recognition. The Magic Motion Remote Control only […]

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LG NC1000-DABA Digital Media Player – External

So I was browsing today when I saw this interesting piece of hardware. LG’s site didn’t offer much more information than Newegg. It appears to be geared towards use for digital signage, but when I saw that it comes with Windows Embedded Standard, I thought about the possibility of using it as a set-top box. I think Embedded comes […]

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