LG NC1000-DABA Digital Media Player – External

So I was browsing Newegg.com today when I saw this interesting piece of hardware. LG’s site didn’t offer much more information than Newegg. It appears to be geared towards use for digital signage, but when I saw that it comes with Windows Embedded Standard, I thought about the possibility of using it as a set-top box. I think Embedded comes in several flavors, so I’m not even sure it has Media Center on it, but this could be interesting. Also, they make an internal one that slides into a compatible monitor. Could this possibly be a Windows TV?

  • That price seems excessive

    That price seems excessive considering it doesnt come with a a cableCARD tuner or any tuner for that matter. Also the Intel Atom is another major flaw, $800 for an item powered device without tuners is a non starter

  • I envisioned it as a front

    I envisioned it as a front end for a WHS 2011 box with a Ceton in it. I do agree about the Atom. It’d be much cooler with a Fusion.