Hauppauge USB CableCARD tuner delayed

It seems that a common theme with CableCARD tuners is that you can always expect delays. Hauppauge Computer Works has sent out an email to consumers who pre-ordered the WinTV-DCR-2650 notifying them of the delay.

Dear Hauppauge Customer,

Thank you for your order for the WinTV-DCR-2650. We are experiencing a delay in manufacturing due to an issue with the plastic casing, which has set back the delivery time to you by a few weeks. We are currently expecting to ship you your order by the week of August 22nd.

Again. We are very sorry for this delay and we appreciate your patience.


Vincent D.

Hauppauge Computer Works US

91 Cabot Ct.

Hauppauge, NY 11788

  • This is an example of how

    This is an example of how SiliconDust should have handled communication of the situation with their customers: proactive, direct notification to the customer with an explanation and anticipated ship date. Simple message, but respectful and effective.

    With SD, dates would slip and then they would be silent. Only after an uproar of frustration on there board did they finally start to share some information. It’s been a big help, but you still have to hunt down the info. Still no clear estimate on the 3-tuner model shipments.

  • This is why I got a 2nd

    This is why I got a 2nd Ceton.  It’s up and running great.

  • I feel they handled this well

    I feel they handled this well and it is nice to be informed of exactly what is going on and how long the delay is expected to be. I’m still glad I changed my mind and bought this instead of the SiliconDust model, at least until there isn’t more delays 😉