CBS Entertainment income Up 97% because of streaming

Well it seems that streaming has been a benefit for one network.

CBS Corp. Aug. 2 said new licensing agreement for the digital streaming of select library titles contributed to its entertainment division increasing second-quarter (ended June 30) operating income to $440 million, nearly double the $223 million operating profit during the previous-year period.

Entertainment revenue, which includes CBS Television Network, CBS Television Studios, CBS Studios International, CBS Television Distribution, CBS Films and CBS Interactive, reached $1.84 billion, compared with revenue of $1.67 billion last year.


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  • I hope to hell that other
    I hope to hell that other media companies see the value in allowing their content to be streamed. It seems like easy revenue to me.

  • Apparently there are people

    Apparently there are people that still watch the CSI shows (I’m no longer one of them).  I stopped watching the two spin-offs a couple of seasons ago because the storylines and characters were completely implausible.  I have since stopped watching the original CSI as well.  Lab rats out chasing bad guys with guns?  Seriously?  People on juries are overturning guilty verdicts because they think this crap is real and don’t believe the police have gathered enough forensic evidence to convict the criminals.

    I’ve also got a personal beef with CBS so forgive me if I don’t revel in their good fortune.  The company you all know as CBS used to be part of Westinghouse.  I worked for one of their “core” companies in the electronics industries.  They ran into financial difficulties almost 20 years ago and starting selling of some of their subsidiaries but swore that our division would never be one of them.  You can imagine everyone’s surprise when the Westinghouse logo disappeared from the building, only to be replaced by one from another company.  Apparently, Westinghouse decided to put all their eggs in one basket and stick with broadcasting so they took over CBS,which they already had a large share of.

    Sorry if I took this off-topic, but I will never buy anything from Westinghouse or CBS.  They can stream their content right where the sun don’t shine.Wink

  • I hope they allows some of

    I hope they allows some of therr newer shows now..some of the better shows are not fully streamable yet…which is upsetting to me and I am sure others.